Is there Really a God? 

Is There Really a God….and Why Do I Care?

            Well, by the time you read this, school will have started again and kids and teachers will be hard at work trying to educate each other.  So many lessons to be learned!  So much work to be done! Every school year brings new challenges and opportunities.  For some reason this time of year always brings to my mind questions about what kids are being taught and why.

I’m not talking about the questions they always ask about: “Why do I have to learn Algebra?” We constantly “bump into” questions about evolution and creation….creating more questions about the existence of God.  Even thought the theories of Charles Darwin have been proven FALSE by science and laboratory experimentation, schools are still mandated to teach his false premises.  They might as well teach 2 + 2 = 50 or that the moon is made out of green cheese. The EVIDENCE is overwhelming that this universe we are a part of ----this planet we live on----and our very existence, is no accident of nature.  The idea that everything crawled up out of the slime and became what it is today is scientifically preposterous! Recent discoveries about the DNA module have led even the most skeptical scientists to admit that such a structure occurring by accident or “evolving” is simply not possible and certainly not scientific.

Since that is true, we must search for some source of our existence….some beginning…..something, some one, some power that made it all happen. I must tell you that the EVIDENCE is OVERWHELMING that an intelligent being had to have a hand in it all.  No thinking person, with mind clear of prejudice, can conclude otherwise. (I’ll be happy to e-mail or snail mail you enough stuff to prove it)

We learn about that intelligence in the book we call the Bible.  It tells us of a loving God and His creation.  It is His “Life Handbook for Dummies.”  Most people who don’t believe it have not even read it! A simple reading brings knowledge of truths that are indisputable.  Those who desire to ban it from every facet of our lives do not even seem to recognize that every moral principle life is built on is from “the Book.”

Many accept the fact that God exists but have such a distorted view of Him that they wonder why it makes any difference. They just want Him to be what they want Him to be, a man made image. “Man made God in His own image.”

Many think He’s like a Genie, just “rub the bottle” when you need Him to do your bidding (When you want something---a new job, a better parking place----a touchdown for the home team) and then when you are through with Him, just put Him back in the bottle.

Others see Him as a sweet, kind, wise, soft hearted, veeeeeeey old white haired grandpa that’s too old to be reliable and to weak to really help.

            Some view Him as a busy dad that shows up on Sunday and is no longer there Monday through Saturday and really does not have enough time to listen; a God who looks nice but does little.  Is this your kind of God?

Many seem to me to live in a “God Shaped” vacuum, wanting to know Him but really don’t. Do you want to know what God is really like? I can tell you this, as we learn to understand Him better, the better life becomes, the easier problems are to face and the more likely we are to follow Him.

His nature is really pretty simple even though totally mind boggling.  He is everywhere at the same time and is not limited by time and space.  He is not part in one place and part in another but is totally present everywhere all the time. He is present to all and absent from nothing.

He is all wise….the source of all knowledge.  He has simultaneous wisdom of all things past, present and future.  Even if you do not fully understand or even believe, you cannot escape His knowledge.  He Knows YOU!  Everything about you and everything you think before you think it.

And He is able!  He is the Master of the Universe!  He is adequate, sufficient, competent and in control. He is the infinite power that created the universe, a cosmic force.

But most of all He has a direct interest in you! He is a personal power that desires for you to have the best life has to offer and wants you to come live with Him forever. You can be His child with all the rights to inheritance.  Think of it!  The child of the King of the Universe!

One thing for sure, it is not in your best interest to ignore Him! If He really exists, ----and He does, ----I had better find out all I can about Him! I would be wise to know if He expects anything of me and what good things he may have in store for me.

Why don’t you be real scientific and search for yourself.  Follow the evidence and see what your conclusions are. Then call me, we’ll talk.  (e-mail: By: Jim Kelly, His Servant.


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