Sunday Bible classes for all ages.........................10:00 AM

Sunday worship........11:00 AM

Sunday Evening Bible Study:   5:00 PM

 Wednesday Bible Study:       7:00 PM

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The Asher church of Christ is a body of worshippers tracing it's establishment roots back to Acts 2 and AD 33.  We seek to be closely identified in practice to that church as established in the 1st century. It is our intent to be the church Jesus established and not a "denomination."  The Bible is our only guide of faith and practice. 

      This congregation has been in existence since near the turn of the century and in it's present location for over 60 years.  We welcome all who wish to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. You will find a happy, sharing, caring family worshiping here. And we have a place for you. 

310 East Main        P.O. Box 37        Asher, OK 74826