Celebrate Jesus

Well, here it is late in December again and another year has flown by.  As I sit down to write this column it is a struggle to try to write something meaningful for those of you who read it.  Many of you have taken time and effort to express kind words about these writings and I am truly grateful.  Nearing this time of the year, the celebrating of the birth of Christ, I always face a dilemma. I know that we cannot place a date on the Birth of Jesus Christ and the season seems to be more about sales and selfishness than it is of remembering a serving savior. At the same time, I want to tell the WORLD to CELEBRATE JESUS!

Circumstances this year seem especially troubling to me as daily headlines fill with stories about people trying to remove any reference to God or Christ in anything!  It’s a HOLIDAY parade not a Christmas parade; or “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”  I understand that even the cards from the White House say the former not the latter. (Personally, I didn’t get mine…did you?) Arguments at state and federal facilities over whether a “Christmas” tree is appropriate! Gracious, get a life! Nobody is forced to have anything to do with Christ in this country, so why not let everybody organize their own parade…..we could have a Christmas parade, and Atheist Parade, a Mohammad parade…..I mean, we are free to get the permits. And yet the mouthy minority manages to out-shout the majority and force its will on those who choose to celebrate Jesus. Disgusting!  Sorry, in good ole’ Oklahoma slang:  That ain’t right!

I am a little disgusted with that mouthy minority getting its way in removing God from everything and Christian people allowing it to happen! You really thought you were living in a nation of majority rule didn’t you!  However, One man, or one group, can file a lawsuit and control want the other 99% of people would prefer. 

This great nation was founded on principles of God and the Bible and every law and principle it has existed on are based on the same. And yet godless men would strip away any reference to God in every realm of life.  Historically, that is a disaster! Those underlying Christian principles have been the very things that have made this nation great and we ought to celebrate them EVERY DAY! 

Politicians and other leaders hide behind the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, preaching a doctrine of separation of church and state to excuse themselves from standing up. 

Such people must be truly ignorant of history. 

The founding fathers installed principles of freedom OF religion not freedom FROM religion.  Many were full time or part time preachers who sought to instill in people a respect for God.  Their concern was that government should not have any control or say in the exercise of religion. Theirs was not a concern of religion having a place in government or in the lives of people at all!  Go back and read the documents, read the proclamations, the speeches and than tell me on what principles the nation was built.

It is time Christian people united, stood up, spoke out, and let it be known we are not going to take it any more!

Where most other world religions have gone, violence and poverty have followed.  Again, just look at the history, the evidence….No one---no person---no system---no set of principles, has impacted the world for good as has this person of Jesus Christ. 

Thank God for Jesus!  The incredible story of His birth, His life, His death and, most of all His resurrection, gives rise to celebration! Most of all, you need to know, that incredible story is true!  In that remote village of Bethlehem, God sent His Son.  He lived a life of example and sacrifice, died a horrible death and three days later arose from the dead…….all of it for you and me.  That’s a reason to celebrate! Not just one day but every day---Celebrate Jesus! We celebrate not just that He was born but more importantly that HE LIVES!

Everywhere His teachings have gone, His example followed, blessings have been abundant.  It is because of Him life is good!  It’s because of Him the future is bright!  It’s because of Him every day is a new day of fresh starts and new beginnings. 

Celebrate Jesus!

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